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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gregory Alper: Multi-talented Artist

Gregory and Sonja Alper are friends of ours that live a couple of streets away from us in the Marquez Knolls section of Pacific Palisades.   Gregory is a jazz musician who has also run the Gregory Alper Music School here for local music students for several years.

Recently, Gregory teamed up with First Hand Remasters to re-release his 1978 jazz album "Fat Doggie".  The project took him to the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, England to oversee the remastering process and now the album has been released on CD.  Several of the artists from that album went on to play with other top bands including Stan Getz and Spirogyra.

Gregory is also a seasoned photographer and currently has two projects of note underway.  The first is a new book entitled "Palisades Panoramas: Photographic Adventures by Gregory Alper".  The panoramas were shot around Pacfic Palisades using a normal (non-wide-angle) lens and were stiched together to create the wide angle panoramic views.  Four of these spendid panoramas are presented below.

Gregory's second project is an exhibition of his photographic works from the book at Cafe Vida on Antioch street in Pacific Palisades.

Both Gregory's CD and book are available at Village Books on Swarthmore.